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Intelligent Outplacement by Job Interviewology. As one of the UKs leading and highest rated career coaching providers (5 Star rating on Trustpilot). We decided to launch Intelligent Outplacement in early 2020 to address the major challenges facing both organisations and employees.  We recognised the importance of giving companies the trust, flexibility and affordability when it comes outplacement programmes as well as offering employees a range of 21st century solutions which will successfully prepare them for redeployment or  re-entry in to the job market.

developing your personal brand

In the modern job market gone are the days of simply sending a basic functional CV and going to the interview for a chat about the role. The process is now not only more nuanced and thorough but also highly competitive. Therefore we recognise the importance of individuals looking to differentiate themselves from the crowd. We place importance in employees seeing themselves as a brand and through the outplacement process we will work with them to develop their branding to help in their journey to their new role.

Getting Outplacement Right

Redundancy can be one of the most difficult periods to experience for any professional. The impact can be most visible such as impact ones financial situation to invisible such as stress and anxiety. Outplacement is a vital bridge and many cases the only bridge to help guide, effectively train and navigate through the job market in to a new role. We believe outplacement ‘done right’ has the potential to truly transform peoples lives, placing the silver lining in front of any dark cloud.

Our Outplacement Programmes

Select which type might be best for your business and employees.

Digital Outplacement is a fully online outplacement programme which can be accessed remotely by employees via their desktop, laptop,  tablet or mobile. The programme provides complete end to end outplacement training and guidance. From CV writing tutorials, job search guidance and Interview preparation. Employees will be able to engage coaches through regular webinars, Q&As, online forum and accessibility to all resources available for 1 year.

Benefits of the Digital Outplacement Programmes

  • Flexible and accessible, work at your own pace.
  • Cost effective.
  • Can cater for high volume enrollment.
  • CPD Accredited. 
  • Suitable for professionals at all levels.

Integrated Outplacement is a combined programme bringing together both online and traditional off line training. The programme provides complete end to end outplacement training and guidance. From CV writing tutorials, job search guidance and Interview preparation as well as face 2 face and group training with career coaches. Accessibility to all online resources are available for 1 year.

Benefits of Integrated Outplacement Programmes

  • Bringing together the benefits of online and offline coaching.
  • Customisable depending on the employees needs.
  • Can cater for mid volume enrollment.
  • CPD Accredited.
  • Suitable for professionals at all levels.

Traditional Outplacement as the name suggests is a traditional offline outplacement training programme. The programme provides complete end to end outplacement training and guidance. From fully personalised 1 to 1 face to face coaching to group workshops.

Benefits of Traditional Outplacement Programmes

  • Face to face personalised coaching.
  • Fully customised to employees needs.
  • 1-1 contact with a dedicated coach.
  • Suitable for senior and executive managers.

Our Story

About Us

…Honesty, the backbone of a successful relationship

Job Interviewology is based in Oxford (UK), we pride ourselves in providing a world class bespoke career support service. Our experts possess over 14 years experience in consulting, mentoring and coaching, helping over a thousand professionals on their career journey to achieve their goals. Professionals from a range of industries including I.T, Pharma, Finance, Engineering, Automotive, Construction, Logistics, Banking, Management Consultancies and the Public Sector.

We are a service partner with the NHS providing a range of career and professional development programmes to all staff members. Also provide our expertise to Job Centre regional offices. Additionally we worked on major outplacement programmes which includes the likes of OXFAM GB.

Our Philosophy

  • Believe – That you are a unique individual brimming with potential
  • Invest – Your time, resources and energy
  • Evolve To become a stronger version of yourself
  • Achieve – Your career objective

Our  Values

  • Honesty – Is the backbone of a successful relationship
  • Innovation – Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible
  • Empathy – Understanding the needs, journey and story of others
  • Empower – Never underestimate what you’re capable of achieving

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